Creating a script to export auto-corridor feature lines into seperate dwg files

Hello there,
First of all i’ve got a background into coding (Java) and I’m wanting to learn more about Dynamo !

With that said; i’m aiming onto creating a Dynamo script that will select my corridor, extract the feature lines and export them into seperate DWG files so that the construction team can use them.

Big question is : Where do i start from ?

Best place to start is here:

From there download/install Camber which is a great C3D package.

If you’re familiar with API’s then the C3D help page has you covered also:

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Hi @Cyberflow!

Install Arkance, Camber, Civil3D Toolkit packages at first. Also Monocle for fast search of nodes.
Than use search for “corridor”,“feature lines”.

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Hi @GavinCrump Thank you for replying !

Il’l give a good read on the “The Dynamo Primer” page that will be a mandatory read for me before kick starting this !

Thx for the links !

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Hi @Vladimir , thx for the heads up !

By the way, where do i found those packages ?

@Vladimir :slight_smile:
Is it here :

Camber :

Civil 3D Toolkit :


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It is usually easiest to get packages here:

More info in the primer:

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