Creating a 3D Letter, Curves are not closed, where is my error?


I have anywhere some trouble, i can`t close the loop. how can i create a polycurve?
Where is the missing node or even a geometry-error?

END.dyn (204.7 KB)

Hello @Draxl_Andreas
Have you tried PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves ?



I think i have no overlapping lines or even dublicated
Can i say something like “unique Items”…?

I believe your individual curves need to be in order. If they cross or form multiple closed loops the node will fail.


I tried it with a simpler form. So it creates the surface but not the extrusion :confused:
is it list - deepth problem, how can i create the extrusion?

KR Andreas

GroupByKey is for grouping items in a list. It’s not going to do what you want and you’re providing a single item anyway. You’re getting errors because you’re trying to pull index 1 from a list that only has one item. You seem to already have the PolyCurve so you should be able to patch and extrude that as is.

hmmm… or need i just one polycurve > surface > extrusion

I got it!