How to close a Polycurve


I try to make a closed polycurve out of a list of points (Swiss Coordinatsystem). I’m able to create the polycurve but it’s not closed yet, also with the connection “connectLastToFirst” it doesn’t work.

Does anybody knows how to fix it?


Hi @florian.vuillemin

After Polycurve.ByPoints add Polycurve.Curve to get curves and then connect to outlines.

Good Luck!

Hey @Kulkul

Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately the curve is still not closed, no connection between point 0 and 5

What does the error says?

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‘The curves do not form a closed contiguous loop’

so because of the missing part it’s not possible to generate a floor out of the outlines

Drop xlsx file here.

Cant upload a file, but this is the content

y x z

1227202.6272 2695817.5995 595.9000
1227200.9552 2695913.3866 594.9700
1227190.7710 2695913.1722 594.9500
1227190.1222 2695907.5883 595.4500
1227172.5970 2695905.6277 595.4500
1227174.9787 2695817.1169 596.3000

@florian.vuillemin looks good to me:


For Florian.dyn (14.8 KB)

Did you try any of the nodes provided out of the box:


@Kulkul so strange, until Points.ByCoordinates i recive exactly the same result but the note PolyCurve.ByPoints wont close it

What do you mean? Show images.

And also did you try my dyn file above?

yes i made exactly the same as you did.
And in the note Point.ByCoordinates i recive exactly the same list as you

@florian.vuillemin Have you tried another node PolyCurve.CloseWithLine node? If it still doesn’t work then uninstall Dynamo 2.x and Install 2.0.1 version from here

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