Not able to create polycurve?


I am not able to draw polycurves in dynamo. Can anyone help me out what mistake I am doing in below image?

I’d appreciate some pointers on what I should be looking for - thanks.

the yellow error message is a good clue

you have PolyCurve.ByPoints as true, which means it is closed.
To do this, the first and last points need to be the same

So either change it to false, or if you do want it closed, make sure your end points are the same


@Andrew_Hannell thankyou,

Actually I have tried both ways that you have mentioned but its still its not working.

@zohaib.qasim Do you know what is the function of polycurve node?

@craig ,

I am beginner to dynamo.

Yes, I am trying to join all the points with polycurve.

@zohaib.qasim For new beginners there are basics of Dynamo nodes and functions it would be better if you can go through the basics before doing the workflow. Below are some links that might help you.