Create toposurface from plus heights


I wonder if anyone has created or knows if it is possible to create a toposurface from known plus heights in a DWG-file?
I saw a guide (below) where you manually could do this and thought to myself that the method was pretty nice but wouldn’t it be nicer if Dynamo somehow could handle this. Unfortunately I’m not that good at Dynamo yet but I think this would be a really handy script.

Guide for creating toposurface from plus heights (without Dynamo)

Thanks in advance!

You could do a DATAEXTRACTION of the text data from cad, write the result to excel and convert the excel to points, and finally a toposurface with Dynamo:

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You don’t need Dynamo for this.
Extract the coordinate data from Autocad to a CSV file and then create topography in Revit from that file.

Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah
Create toposurface from csv its place center to center , when I create toposurface from dynamo its on real co-ordinate but unable to work because Revit working area limitations. Issue of Visibility
can you help me on how to overcome with this issue… any dynamo script to move project base point near toposurface while create surface