Help creating topography from excel coordinate points?

Hello all,

I am trying to model a topography from an AutoCAD survey . I used dataextraction to export the points into an Excel format (.dxe). Then I tried the following in Dynamo:

File path -> Excel.ReadFromFile->Flatten->Topography.ByPoints

I am not getting anything from it. Do I need to get the points exported to another format other than .dxe? If so, how to do that?

Is there anything wrong with my Dynamo nodes or perhaps I am missing some steps, like a list of some sort?

Any help would be very appreciated.



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Hi Francisco, take a look at Luke Johnson’s blog post:

If Dynamo isn’t doing the trick, see if you can export the point data in AutoCAD to LandXML format, which are it’s topography tools should be able to interpret and generate a toposurface.

Thanks Ian,

I think my problem is that I am not getting the points text data right. By looking at the link you sent, that points data file is quite clean and tidy, and the one I have got is full of stuff I don’t need and am not sure how to filter, so that it gets X, Y and Z values individually on a column. Right now, it looks like this (all in a single column):











Z>3805’-4"</Position …

I guess I need to start by looking at how to extract the data from the CAD file correctly. For the records, we don’t have AutoCAD Civil 3D, which has some features to extract data in a correct manner.

If any of you has done something similar only using AutoCAD, Revit and Dynamo, please let me know.


Autocad, I think, has a Data Extraction tool, using which you can export the coordinates of the selected geometry (points) into a properly formatted file (.xls, .csv etc)

Seems like .dxe is the file format of AutoCAD Data Extraction template and is only part of the data extraction process.

Yes, Vikram is correct. You can use the data extraction tool. I made a video tutorial about this a while back. It’s done using Excel, Autocad and Revit. Not Dynamo though. You can see it here:

Thanks Evan.

Excellent Evan, thank you very much!

Hey Ian,

How are you doing! I just come up with a question related to similar topic. I am trying to import point coordination to dynamo, but it comes with a warning as shown in the picture below. Do you know why?




















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