Convert a Flat 2D survey CAD into 3D Topography

Few months before I saw a Dynamo Video, where the originator took a 2D Flat Dwg file (the spot levels where written in text and z axis for all the text was “0”). He used Dynamo to quickly grab all the text make it readable as z axis value and apply to the respective point and created a topography surface.
Have you guys anyone seen a similar video like that and if you did can you share me the link please.

Should not be too difficult to create assuming one had a .dwg file as described :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jonathan.Olesen
I am actually preparing the dynamo file but I thought it would be a lot easier if I have a look at the video once again.

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I think Jonathan is hinting that you might post a .dwg… :wink:

I’d be interested to see the video, I haven’t seen it, but this post suggests you can’t get CAD Text into Dynamo…

That means you need to import and explode the CAD to get the text values.

I’ve had a quick hacky go which might help if you can’t find your video . I’m sure there are mistakes for more complex files but it seems to work and it should have most of the useful nodes for you.

Hope that helps,


Drawing1.dwg (33.1 KB)
DwgTextToTopo.dyn (28.5 KB)
Project1.rvt (2.3 MB)


Many thanks @Mark.Ackerley.
Think could save me and help me from wasting time.
Wow !!! Thanks Really Appreciate your help :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

this blog post might help, no video but it does work fairly well for text elements in revit, as noted in the comments the autocad command DATAEXTRACTION can usefully create a csv of the data from a dwg


@adam_bear1 has a better method, I hate inserting dwgs to projects, it’s the worst thing ever.

Yes!! to that!! it gets messy if you do.
We always use a new revit file for linking or importing DWG’s and make a link to that revit file.
In that way all the messy stuff is not in the model.

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Thanks very much for your help @adam_bear1
This link look lovely.
Moreover both your link & @Mark.Ackerley dyn file works the same.
Cheers to both of you guys !!!

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