Create solid in revit

Hello guys!

is there any other way to create solids in revit thru dynamo instead of using direct shape? I’m asking that because this sort of solid created with direct shape appears for me as a part category, sth that it’s useless for my workflow, since i’m using assembly codes in my project (assemblies codes are not supported in direct shapes)

The Spring nodes package used to be the best option for exporting solids to Revit however some things were changed in the API by Autodesk so that is no longer the case. Maybe this is resolved in 2023.
Take a look at the Synthesize package by @Karam_Baki. Does a very good job of exporting geometry to Revit.


If you work in meters here is the setting you need for the geometry export. If this solves your problem please mark as solved. Cheers.

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thank you bayo, it worked :wink:

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