How do I bake my solid into Revit?


I’ve created a simple routine in Dynamo which creates a solid, the shape is adjustable using sliders.

I’m happy with the shape and would like to work on it in Revit, create some mass floors etc.

But, the shape is not selectable in the Revit interface - I can see it though.

Is there something I need to add to the Dynamo routine which ‘bakes’ the shape into Revit so I can use it?


Try Springs.DirectShape.ByGeometry
Or open a ConceptualMass family and use ImportInstances.ByGeometry


You can likely see it in Revit because you have the Revit Background Preview turned on (View -> Background 3D Preview -> Available Previews).
From @m.rijsmus’ suggestions, I would definitely recommend going for ImportInstances.ByGeometry, as DirectShape will tessellate the object which is really detrimental to curved surfaces in my experience.


ImportInstances.ByGeometry - this worked - thanks for your help.