Create Solid by Curves, how?


How does it work? Some extrusions go in horizontal, some vertical.

The solid i can create just out of standard primitves.

I want (like in the pic) create extrusion with to voids(cicle/cylinder)

Some tricks for me? :slight_smile:



Like this? you can denote direction horizontal or vertical as you need.

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or like this?

How can i create a tap final?

you want closed top or as in extrusion ?

Yes, and cicles should be open! is there something like x.Curves

can you share your graph?

test.dyn (62.7 KB)
alternativly it could be solid … … you know via boolean Solids - cut out!

Try with external cure with Surface.ByPatch then minus the two circles.

Thank you… i will try other day! I does not work, because Dynamo does not know what are the “tap-curves”

Maybe you know just convert tap edges to curve or soemthing like that…

Like this?

test.dyn (74.6 KB)