Cutting solid element with curve

I have a solid element and I have curves Any ideas how I can cut a solid element with this curve?

Home.dyn (42.9 KB)

You’d have to trim the geometry as a surface. You can’t cut a solid with a curve.

@Nick_Boyts thank you
so can you give me an idea how i can connect these dots and get a solid element?

If i understand right why not just select one face and get perimeter curve and extrude as solid in direction and distance to the other face

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@sovitek “Surface.BySweep2Rails” I tried this, but my drawing is too animated, it doesn’t provide me with the exact geometry.
I made it a little further but I still haven’t been able to convert it to a solid element/ :slight_smile:

not sure i would take the side surface perimeter and extrude to the other side…hope it make sense

@sovitek doesn’t give me correct geometry

use extrude as solid with direction and distance…no surface by sweep2rails needed here as i see it ;)…if you want you can share the rvt with your profiles and i will take a look

There is a level difference between two surfaces, how can I provide this in extrude?

allright then i think something here…

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We can only guess here. Could you share relevant rvt and dyn file for clean solution?

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Project1.rvt (2.1 MB)
1.dyn (2.2 MB)

I’m trying to make a solid element exactly like the picture. I added revit and dynamo.

aha its direct shape solid as floors i would try to union them but if you dont want that i would try to find its faces and create a loft…here is an example i havent created the whole model…but could probably work…good luck…


@sovitek Overall it solved my problem sometimes i have to intervene manually but. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

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Hi everybody guys.
Thanks to your help, I finished the script I was trying to prepare and I wanted to share it here because I thought it might help others.
I create solid elements from dwg by referencing hatches.

You can look here for the Python Script.

Solid.dyn (57.9 KB)