Curve.Extrude as Solid

hey Everyone, Is there a way to make “Curve.Extrude as solid” also extrude up? i think it has somthing to do with the way to polycurve is made and i dont know why ones going up and ones going down.
If i change the x to a negative they the “legs” switch. Any ideas??

Problem is circles in red, Blue is correct.

Switch extrusion to negative value.

The Script is for making kingstuds around doors and it works on some doors and not others. Trying to make it work for all doors.

Thanks ahead of time.

You’re right about why this is happening.

Imagine if you always had to have the ‘inside’ of the closed curve on the right. A closed curve drawn on the XY plane in a counterclockwise direction. As you walk that curve from start to end with the would have the ‘inside’ on your right with your head pointing up, but if the curve was drawn counter clockwise your head would point down. Since the assigned normal is the direction your head faces, sometimes the default extrusion direction is positive Z, other times it’s negative Z based on how you drew the original shape.

One thing you can do instead: use this node instead of the one you’re using now.


As the king stud is most likely always going to be perpendicular to the XY plane you could specify the direction of the extrusion by using the version of Curve.ExtrudeAsSolid that allows you to specify both direction and distance