Help - Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews deleting previously created sheets

Hi all can any one help me here please???

Problem I have is Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews works fine for first time but after that it delete previously created sheet and all views gets on same sheet.

Can any one help me here ???

Tried to use “SteamNodes” package but same no joy only can get one view per sheet to work


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Thanks for your time.

I have read every single entry there.
Tried everything i could find.
But did not get anywhere. There ether multiple sheets and multiple views .

But nothing that allow me to do single sheet multiple views.


It’s because dynamo is a one hit wonder. You are specifying a type for the titleblock and dynamo wipes the floor and starts over with populating your new sheets.
You can get around this issue by specifying a different unused titleblock type (i keep a legacy type in my projects for this) and then subsequently swapping them over to your desired type.


Thanks for your time

Is there a way some how to stop this from happening???

Problem I have is that I trying to create sheets by selected element and works fine first time but after that starts getting strange.

Can I make some sort IF statement to check if sheet do not exist create new instead of delete existing one???