Creating a shared parameter list from an Excel file

Hi all,
I’m trying to create a shared parameter file in Revit from an excel file using dynamo. I created this script but there’s a warning at the end. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

The warning is: Warning: Parameter.CreateSharedParameter operation failed.
Invalid parameter type.

Do you want to create a shared parameter or a shared parameter file ?

Hey Francois,

Thanks for your reply. I know how to create a shared parameter file in Revit. I just watched a video on YouTube and tried to test that:

here is the link:
(354) Dynamo Shared Parameters and Project Parameters - Way Faster Wednesday - YouTube

But it didn’t work.

could you share a screenshot with all the pop up window open (click at the right bottom)
one or some input are wrong but maybe it is not the parameter type


I checked the inputs for parameter types, all are fine: Length, Text,…

show the group list

The problem is going to be with your data types.
I’m guessing your instance field is coming in as a string - not a bool. You can see Excel is importing as strings. You’ll need to convert those to bools.
The error message suggests it is the type that is bad as well. This is a string, but I’m guessing there is a typo or invalid category in the list.

I’m not sure this is best practice, as this routine can create different shared parameters - even though it is reading the same Excel spreadsheet - in different projects. It is the GUID that matters. The Parameter.CreateSharedParameter node has to make a GUID on the fly to build the shared parameter and then imports the parameter. All ok, until you want to share information between projects or use the parameter inside a family.

This will really fail if you try and use it when you are building families. Each time you start building a new family - you get a unique parameter. So you build Door A with “My Parameter” and then Door B with “My Parameter” - you get two completely unique parameters.

But that isn’t an issue with this node - as it only runs on a project. It should really be called CreateProjectSharedParameter.

And if you are trying to call it on a family file - it will give you the exact error you have posted.

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You mean this?
This is for the groupnames, but for the group I just put a text, I dont know what it is exactly
Dont know what is the difference betweeb group and groupname in this node

I think group list should be a list of numbers (as text)

I tried text for group node but didnt work. I think there’s something wrong with that video in YouTube, working with shared parameters needs Orchid packages

number as string

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Geart! thank you so much, now it’s working :slight_smile: