Creating shared parameters from Excel file "invalid parameter type"

Hi, I’m a student and I’m pretty new to dynamo.

I’m trying to make a script that can read parameters from a Excel file and then create those parameters in Revit. The goal of the script is to make lots of parameters really fast to save time.

What i’m struggling with is outputting correct info for the CreateSharedParametersForAllCategories node. I keep getting this warning:

“Warning: Parameter.CreateSharedParameterForAllCategories operation failed. Invalid parameter type.”

Is my code block wrong? I’ve tried to google my issue but cant seem to find a fix I can understand.

My script:

Excel file with test parameter:

Project-start-script.xlsx (13.7 KB)
Prosjekt-start.dyn (76.2 KB)

I forgot to upload the files :slight_smile:

You need to use the Revit built in Group Parameter, which is similar to PG_TEXT shown in my image.

The groupName input should be the Group Parameter Under portion.

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Thanks, works perfectly! Now i just need to figure out how i can create multiple parameters without having loads of nodes.

I think you can easily use excel like you wnated, just need to make sure the values in the excel document are the ones you want. Category by Name node would be helpful. Also keep in mind that True/False things can be triggered by integer values 0 and 1 most of the time. You may also want to do some searching around the forums as there may be other solutions or Packages that would make it easier for you.

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