Create Schedule Filter and Apply Value From Schedule Name

I am trying to get my a portion of my schedule name, to automatically be the schedule filter for multiple schedules. ex. Schedule Name is “Run 5_XXXXXXXXX” i want the “Run 5” to be the value of the filter. Run 6 would be Run 6 etc. I feel i am close but for some reason i am getting the same value in ALL the schedules.

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@bharlow1986 Try setting the last node on @L1 and see if it works.

Appreciate the help. Still didnt get the outcome i was going for. i also included the warning i got on the last node, though it still seems to work with the error. just incorrect fields.

@bharlow1986 First of all I would recommend you update yourself to the latest version of Dynamo.

And to answer your problem:

  1. Connect the in output of Elements.FilterByName node to ScheduleView.Fields node.
  2. Replace the f[0] code block with a GetItemAtIndex node with list input @L2 and get Run ID fields.
  3. Connect output of GetItemAtIndex node to the ScheduleFilter node.
  4. Make sure the last node is still on @L1 for both inputs.

@bharlow1986 Make sure your lacing for each node is set correctly.
This is how mine looks like:


Thank you @AmolShah !!! This was perfect. I learned about list levels and lacing as well!
I have uploaded the finished working script.


Hi @bharlow1986, if you may, can you upload this? I’m trying to do this with room schedule