Duplicate Schedule and modify filter


Hello All,

I am finding myself always doing this step manually and I am wondering if there is an easy way to create a Dynamo code that will help me simplify the following procedure:

Duplicate an existing Revit Schedule, rename it, and modify a filter in it.

Can someone help?
Thank you!


I found the following threads that may give you some guidance.



This might be the way to go, through a template duplicate filter graph.


Thank you! I am able to duplicate the schedule instance and rename it, but i do not end up with 2 schedules somehow. Also, I cannot seem to be able to change the filter that is applied to the schedule through the nodes. When i try to select the filter parameter from the schedule it shows me 0.
Is there any node that can access the filters? and another that can actually duplicate the view in Revit?
Thank you!


Heya georges,

I’ve put quite some time into this same thing myself aswell, and eventually i’ve found all the anwsers (a lot of it spread out on this forum).
See my attachment.

Schedules.dyn (8.6 KB)


edited: you’ll need the custom nodes aswell:
LBC_Place Schedule on Sheet.dyf (5.4 KB)
LBC_Schedule.SetFilter.dyf (5.7 KB)

Insert Legend in sheet

Thank you very much! But I think the Duplicate Schedules Custom Node is missing, if by any chance you could send it!


Oh yeah, i forgot to mention the duplicate view node. It’s from the clockwork package.


Thank you!


Hi, I tried downloading your version, however the Duplicate Schedules options does not seem to be in the Clockwork package that I have. I am using version 1.x in Dynamo 1.2.1. Can you be a little more specific about where that node or one that works similar to it lives? Did Clockwork perhaps change the name of this node? All I am getting is Sheet.Schedule in my clockwork package when I search for “schedule”. Please advise. thanks!



it’s the View.Duplicate node from the Clockwork package.


Ok when I use this Revit adds a ton of new sheets. What is going on? Am I doing something wrong? Please see below.


Need a closer look at your Errors to help


Here you go, both of them are the same error message:


so, the sheet parameters are not being read, Exist do they?
Sheet Custom node - must be customized is my guess. Pop it open and see what’s in there.

The bottom portion duplicates your schedules.


oops. sorry, i thought I posted this. Here is what is in that node:


Check the All elements of type Node. ist picking up 144 views of plan view type and making sheets for each type with and naming. is that what your looking for?


no it isnt. :confused: