Is it possible to unlock and explode and imported dwg with dynamo?

i am using lines from autocad to create roads as floors in revit.
I import a dwg, have to unlock it and then explode it to get the lines with the selecttool from dynamo.
Is there a way to unlock and explode the dwg with dynamo?

Why not link the cad file in and use dynamo to get the correct lines from the dwg and then create the floor. There is probably examples on this forum on how to read a linked CAD file in revit.

This is a much better workflow than importing/exploding dwg information into revit which is not good practice to do.


Thanks Brendan,
but there are several not connected roads and other areas in the cad file. And my dynamoscript needs to select area by area.
Or is there a node that recognizes all closed polylines on one layer?

I now used a node from bimorph

It is now more comfortable, but i have still not found a node that can make closed curves from all the imported lines on a layer, so i have to run only once my floor-create-dyn.
Has onyone an idea?

ok, found what i searched for in this forum:
Group Curves from archilab.
Thanks for this great forum!
i attached a working example, if someone has the same problemtest.dyn (17.4 KB)
Only the loop is missing to create all floors at once

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