Looking to generate a Revit model from a 3d wireframe









So I have been given a 3d dwg wire frame model of a canopy that i need to model in Revit to document, I am looking to generate a Revit model from a 3d wire frame with the use of dynamo
been doing some searching but cant find too much on the topic, any one done something similar and can shed some light on what worked and what didn’t ?

not sure if its best to go down the adaptive points path or look at other options




This is how I would approach the task…

  1. Identify the underlying basic for

  2. Obtain the relevant dimensions from the dwg file

  3. Create a basic surface in Dynamo (shouldn’t be difficult in your case)

  4. Sub divide the surface as required to obtain guiding curves for the structural components

  5. Define a function that creates structural components (of a particular configuration) along the curves


The last step will be the most important and complex part involving a lot many sub steps.

Is it the beams and braces you have to model? If you import the 3d Dwg to Revit as an instance and select it in Dynamo and add a Element.Geometry node it should extract all the lines and curves. Depending on what the results are and how the results is grouped you can use them directly into a structural framing by curve node. Mind you that Revit doen’t like polycurves, though… And Revits autosetback might mess things up. Try, and give us all a feedback! :slight_smile: