Create Project Parameter

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I would like to use the node Create Project Parameter to populate project parameters from the list from Excel. My script extracts all data from Excel in the way I want but whet it comes to create a project parameter it gives me an error. Can you please advice what am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Check this thread for how to use the node correctly: Parameter.CreateProjectParameter

And see this post, specifically @Nick_Martin post mapping the parameters from an excel file:
you could use a similar method on the project parameter node.


Thanks for your reply and pointing me in proper direction. Now the script woks fine.

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So I tried using the Parameter.CreateProjectParameter node to add a Project Instance Parameter to a Revision Cloud.
I’m assuming I’m getting an error because I’m doing something Revit Doesn’t allow.
Just looking for confirmation.
Thanks in advance.


Can you share your “Parameter Type” and “Parameter Name” code ?