Creating Multiple Project Parameters from Excel in Dynamo

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to create multiple project parameters from Excel in Revit using Dynamo. The problem I think is that CreateProjectParameters Node can only create one parameter at at time. Is there anyway around this?

Also, how do I convert “Categories” from Excel which is in String to actual Categories so the node understands it properly.


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What does the error say? I’m pretty sure you can create multiple project parameters at once, you just need to have your lists setup correctly.

Category.ByName will get the Revit category for you. Also make sure you’re using the correct Parameter Type and Parameter Group names. Look at the Archi-lab nodes to get a better idea.

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The CategoryList input is looking for a category and you’re inputting a string. What is the error you’re getting on the CreateProjectParameter node?
You can also retrieve categories by a string input with this combo.

Hi patrick,

Can you show an example for that node.

Error getting on the CreateProjectParamenter node.
Warning: Parameter.CreateProjectParameter operation failed.
Invalid parameter type.

Parameter.CreateProjectParameter.dyn (96.3 KB)

Parameters from Excel.xlsx (10.1 KB)

It says “invalid parameter type”
But my types are all correct which you can see from the List.Map below

Project Parameters_Excel.xlsx (14.4 KB) Create Project Parameters Script.dyn (54.8 KB)

@Mepdot Here is an example of the workflow working. This node builds project parameters off of a shared parameter file.

I am unsure why the results display a “null” value, but here is what it produced in Revit and what my shared parameter file looks like.

Thanks Patrick!
I figured it out yesterday and made a small tutorial on this, although I would like to further enhance it.

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@patrick_podeyn, @cobipal Thanks a lot…

But one more Question?

As you can see in the below image with a red mark on the list.

Which are not created because of the “Invalid parameter type” i.e “DIMENSIONS” in the red mark?


Can you answer if, I need Dimensions or Materials and Finishes as Parameter Group.

Parameter.CreateProjectParameter SOLVED.dyn (25.8 KB) Parameters from Excel UPDATED.xlsx (10.1 KB)

It needs to be “PG_LENGTH” not “DIMENSIONS” I would suggest placing the Parameter Groups nodes from ArchiLab for a reference when building your Excel spreadsheet this way you know what the proper callout is for the parameter group input.

@patrick_podeyn, @Nick_Boyts, @cobipal

Hey guys,

I tried as Patrick mentioned with Archilab Node “Parameter Group”
As shown below

However, the output is still pending. It as given output as below which is not expected.

As I mentioned before, you need to do the same thing with Parameter Type. You’re not using valid types.

As a very new Dynamo user, I’m pretty jacked about this thread! I was able to follow along with @cobipal 's video above :+1: , and created a graph that actually added parameters from an excel file.

I do have some questions though:

  1. Shared parameters-How do I know if the parameters are being created from my shared parameters file, and if they aren’t, how do I get that to happen? (After I typed most of this post, I saw Mepdot’s image above with the red box around the Shared Parameters radio button, and I could prove out that same result, but… I tried editing the excel file to slightly change the parameter names ("-" to a “_”), and I got the same result, even though no shared parameter of that exact name existed.)

  2. I noticed that each time I ran the graph, every parameter in the list would be duplicated. Is there a way to exclude existing project parameters from the write? Even better, if I change family categories in the excel file, can the existing proj parameters be updated? Currently, if each of the parameters in the list is associated to a different family category (in the excel file), all of the categories will be applied to all of the project parameters that are created.

  3. Each time I run the graph, my excel spreadsheet closes. Not a deal-breaker, but is there a setting that I’m missing?


Currently running Revit 2019.2 and Dynamo

Create-Project-Parameters-mju-pub.dyn (27.7 KB) Project Parameters_Excel-mju-pub.xlsx (14.8 KB)

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Hi munderwood.

I have an answer to your secound question.

i have made a script, that are looking into the current project parameters, and by using the node List.Setdifference, i’m excluding the parameters that already are in the project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Folke! I tried plugging it in, but couldn’t get it to work. I will tinker with it a bit more when I get time and check back in.

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