Create labels with shared parameters in family environment



i want to create labels which are connected to shared parameters.

So i have a list with (for example) 10 shared parameters [sp1,…,sp10] and i want create 10 annotations in one row on a sheet. For every paramter one annotation.
So now i have a list of points in one row, but i have problems to create the annotation and combine the annotation with the shared parameters.

First problem: I haven’t elements to tag, but the node “Create Annotation Tag” needs elements.
Second problem: link every shared parameter to one annotation °.°

Here is my work:

Any help would be great:)


Revit can’t use a tag when there are no elements. Generally speaking if Revit can’t, than Dynamo can’t either.

You will either need an element to tag or you will need to not use anthwr type of annotation (generic annotation or a text element).


Well, maybe im not good at explaining :wink:
Here is are some images. Hope you see what i try to do.

All this happens in the family.

I want to batch create the labels for all shared parameters in one group.


So all in the family environment not in the project environment?


I’m sorry to answer so late!..

Yes, all in the family environment.


Is this possible? @JacobSmall


I didn’t find anything, but my glimpse into the API docs wasn’t very in depth, if you dig around a bit you may find something, but it appears at first glimpse that this isn’t exposed programmatically yet.


thx for your help! i will try my best to find anything:)


Hi Fiesta,

I am trying to accomplish the same thing you were asking in this post. Have you been able to solve this?

best regards,


he, sorry…couldn’t find any solution