Select shared Parameters to add to the label

Hello everyone, I’m really needing some help I created a list of shared parameters and I want to add them to the label using Dynamo. Every time I want to add a new parameter I have to select every single one and add it and it’s sounds waste of time could someone help me.

Hello @ihouzi …could you show what you had tried, you know many things can go wrong

Last I recall checking, family label parameters were not exposed in the Revit API.

But I second @sovitek here, evidence is best shown before getting help. If a complete solution is desired, best go bother your BIM manager who is paid to do this sort of thing. Seems like we get an awful lot of these posts these days. One of the second sides of the double-edged blade that is Dynamo getting more popular I guess…


Hoppefully and thats great :wink: probably is the BIM managers around there ask these questions :wink: :wink:


Hello @sovitek I have 394 shared parameters as you see here and I want to add them all to the label, I want to use them for my sheets as new parameters.

Hi @ihouzi …Im afraid it isnt possible or i am not clever enough, hope the last one for your problem :wink:

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Hi @ihouzi maybe for this task try Orchid package.
There are a lot of greats video of @GavinCrump about this topic.


Thank you so much @sovitek I will try somthings else to solve this kind of problems :blush:

Hello @paris yes, I love all the work done by MR Guru @GavinCrump but I guess this problem was not solved by M @GavinCrump because I saw all the video of his channel and I did not find my answer

Yes I only solve a few things out of what is possible. I may be mistaken but I don’t think family labels can be automated currently.


I would like to thank you @GavinCrump for all your work, I really learned a lot of new things because of your chanel