Can Dynamo Make Tag Families?

Can some tell me if this is possible with Dyamo
I’d like a script that creates a common Tag Family for every kind of Category.

I doubt it.

Make a tag, change the category, revise as needed, save as, change the category, revise, repeat.

Yes… that is what I want to avoid.

First. Do you know how to create a multi-category tag in Revit?

If not, follow this:
1.Click New (Annotation Symbol), select the Multi-Category Tag.rft template for imperial, or M_Multi-Category Tag.rft for metric, and click Open. The Family Editor opens.
2.Click Create tab, Text panel (Label).
3.Click in the drawing area. The Edit Label dialog opens.
4.Select one or more parameters in the Category Parameters list, and click (Add parameters to label).
5.(Optional) Include a shared parameter.
a.Click (Add Parameter).
b.In the Parameter Properties dialog, click Select and select the parameter to add to the label.
c.Click OK twice. (The selected parameter displays in the Category Parameters list.)
d.Select the parameter from the Category Parameters list and click (Add parameters to label).
Note: If you do not specify a filter parameter for the tag, the tag can attach to any component.
6.Click OK.
7.Create the tag using the Lines tool and save the file.

The trick is getting dynamo to draw the lines, create and add shared parameters to the family and to the project, and add a label with shared parameters. That’s where the fun begins. Since my work load is light this morning, I will give this a shot. I’ve learned you will get more responses if you have something for the gurus to look over.

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