Create Independent Tag - Duct Tags

Trying to automate tag creation for Ducts in Revit 2019 using the following script. When I run it, i’m getting dots instead of tags on each duct.



You forget to connect the All Elements of Category output to the elements input ofCreate Independent Tag.
The longest lacing isn’t necessary.

Yes, thank you, I did catch that but it still isn’t working. I’m getting TypeError: Duct is not iterable.

I did change the lacing to shortest and had to remove and re-add the active view node but it does seem to be working now. Thanks.

No need for lacing or list level when you tag a view at a time.
Here is an example :

Hi ,
thank you.

i got the tags with help of this script.
But. in Output list am getting null.
I need the list of tags which you got in you script.

any modifications required to it.

Please help me!
thank you in advance!

attached with images of tags and output list.

List is getting for Current Model Elements.
But for Linked elements we are not getting the List Output.


See this post for a workaround with the Collect.ElementsInView node in the Spring package to collect the independent tags.

I don’t have a solution to improve the node for now.

Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner.

i got what i am looking for.

Have a good Day.