Create Grids


Please see the error and kindly help how to fix this

Thanks in Advance



Can you share the full script?

What does the error say? I’m guessing you’re getting nulls, probably from coincident points.

Sure I am getting many listed Null value.It is very simple code but I dont know why it gives me error

I have attached the necessary files for your reference.Grid.dwg (454.6 KB) Grid.dyn (22.0 KB) Grid.rvt (2.1 MB) Please check!!

As the error states, your curves are too small. It’s probably a mismatch of units between Dynamo and Revit.

Your first problem was that it was extracting the grid heads from the DWG file, so it was trying to compute with circles which have co-incident start and end points (hence the “too small” warning). To resolve this, i’ve added some nodes to filter and use only the “Line” curves.

A second issue was a warning noting that the lines were not on a horizontal plane, so i’ve added a bit to the script to remove the z value of each start/end point:

Script adjusted using dynamo version 2.0.4: Grids from DWG.dyn (45.7 KB)

Hope it helps