Script Dynamo in Revit

Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for my english, is not very well, I am mexican.
I have worked in two scripts to create geometry, my problem is that in Revit the geometry appears very very small, I have to make a lot of zoom to see it, because of that I could not place an adaptive component to join the points of the list, they are too small.
That happened with both scripts in different files. I do not know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Dynamo community @Ocadiz6

Can you post some images of your issue or files (or links to them) to the topic so we can see what you are experiencing?

Perhaps you were designing in M or Feet, while the file itself is using MM? Try scaling up the geometry acordingly.

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Thanks a lot and sorry for the late answer. It was the scale. I am new and taking a course of Dynamo.


Thank you for the answer, it was the scale in Revit. I am new using Dynamo as you can see.

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