Grid & dimension exel coordinates failure

cant run the script need a bit push

there is an internal error that causes trouble while importing exel list i guess… the main problem is some coordinates are comming in null value even if it is defined. i guess something buggy happens internally but not sure, i cant find any other answer to this situation differs betwean two identical lists here are files

Home.dyn (131.6 KB)

Grid Lines.xls (14 KB)
Dimension.xls (178.5 KB)

maybe this is the problem im getting this error while scripting too geometry curve defination give same error in other scripts too

dont know why but some times when i code and try to call geometry.curve i got error “failed to look up type” error and when i try to run script fails on geometry.curve(even if the defination is correct) after that copy paste works(even if the defination is correct)