Dynamo Geometry Settings


I have a problem with my script, I think it is related to geometry scaling, I have run the script on all scales (small/ Medium/ Large/ Extra Large) but to no avail, it gives me errors.

Here are some of the errors I countered:-

Warning: PolyCurve.ByPoints operation failed.
Unable to create Line. Points are likely coincident

Warning: Curve.Offset operation failed.
PolyCurves may be branching

Warning: Curve.Offset operation failed.
PolyCurves may be branching

Attached the Script down:-
Towers try 02.dyn (92.5 KB)

I am using
Dynamo 2.3.0
Revit 2020.2

@JacobSmall Can you help, please!

Other people ran the same script on different Dynamo Version and it works correctly without any errors.

thanks in advance.

Your script is working…you can see the background geometry preview. The errors the nodes are throwing are due to nulls in your lists. The node will still process the rest of the data in that list like its supposed to…it will just flag the null with an error.

In this last node, it throws an error because of the last null which is because as the error says “Points are likely coincident”. If you look at the last index [39] in your points list, all the points are the same. The node can’t create a polycurve from the same points.

The next errors are because of a null value again.
If you treat your list by removing the null, you remove the rest of the errors further down the line.


Thank you @andy.leong, that worked.

Can you give me any idea on how to get the shape to reach just one point on the top. When i removed the last item of both lists I couldn’t do that.