Create floors from rooms

Trying to make floors from rooms. Can anyone tell me, why it is not working, what am I doing wrong?

Looks like the CN is failing. You can use OOTB nodes instead (v1.2):

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I have used this script successfully, but only one level at a time. I haven’t been able to run it on multiple levels simultaneously yet. This is based on Marcello Sgambelluri AU class. The advantage here is that it counts for the new floor thickness and add the proper base offset to it. You need to define the floor finish type in your room schedule/properties, and make sure the name of it matches the name of the floor type.

Do you have any rooms that are like “donuts”. Think, rooms with room bounding elements within them. Like columns.

Thank You, Thomas, Francisco!

John, it was made on Revit sample file. That “Cerate Floors from Rooms v3.0” looked very neat and I wanted to try it out, didn’t work out…