Create floor finish by room name & boundary


Im trying to edit a script that was sent to me (credit: Michael Kilkelly - thank you!). It originally took all selected rooms and created a floor within the room boundary. I am trying to edit the script to allow me to create these floors by room name & then boundary so I could create all floors for bedrooms, all for kitchens etc etc. I feel like im just missing 1 or 2 nodes that I cant quite figure out in the RED group…!


I could probably optimise the initial room search too but for now id just like to get it running this way…Thanks!

Hi @tuireann.oneill

Here is one of the possible way you can create floor finish by room name using OOTB nodes:

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Ah thanks Kulkul! thats a good lesson for me; its probably better practice to think through a script from the start than try edit one that ALMOST does what you want.