Create floor til room for all levels

Hello. I also would like to create floors to room for all levels. However I only got floors at level 0, whatever level I chose. Can anyone tell me where I have missed in the attached notes ?

Hi @helenaSQQ8Q

You could use “List.Combine” node. Something like this might get you.

RoomFloorLevel.dyn (27.7 KB)

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Thank you, it works excellent:))

Hello Vikram. Thank you for trying to help. I tried your notes, but got error at the second “code block”, attached here. Do you know why?

Thanks for posting a solution for creating floors from Rooms, I was looking at the same problem but using a detail outline in plan to create a floor plate across multiple levels without success. I have tried the solutions presented by Vikram and Kulkul with no success. It creates a floor on the first level but not on the other levels.

I have tried a few different List Combine methods but I seem to be, not getting it, any help where I’m off track would again be appreciated.

Detail_Lines2Floor.dyn (25.2 KB)
RoomFloorLevel_Test.dyn (13.6 KB)

Detail_2_Floor.rvt (1.2 MB)

Hi @RLietz

You have not followed properly.

If you need help please start a new thread. No hijacking others. If your query is similar to other topics, link that topic as a reference. Hope that make Sense!

My apologies to helenaSQQ8Q , Kulkul and Vikram new new post created here..

@Vikram: I still got errors at the last to notes. Do you have any idea


@Kulkul: your notes work excellent, however I would like to build floor at severy levels, without make too many level notes. Can you help me? thank you.

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