Create Family Type by Name

Hi,I’m New to Dynamo, and I want to create column types through with the list with type names, this is my approach using FamilyType.Duplicate, but it didn’t work quite well, any suggestions, thanks in advance

use one family type as youre input in element type

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Thank for the help, I was busy these days, I’ve tried but it Just give me one type from the listCapture-01

I’ve tried using the Family Types node it gives me null, any suggestions? thank in advance

You need to set in the node FamilyType.Duplicate the node input name List levels at @L1


and check if those family types already exist in Revit


It works!!! Thanks man, can you tell me why it need to use levels? Very Thanks

It is because the items wich you want to use as input are at list level @L1
see picture:

see also next topic :

Also important to know Lacing
See topic:

and because you are using dynamo 2.0:

AUTO LACING: Dynamo 2.0 introduces the “Auto” lacing option. Shortest lacing now more strictly stops lacing with single items matched with lists for more precise control of data structures and clearer alignment with DesignScript replication syntax. The new default “Auto” lacing will match single items with lists as the “Shortest” behavior did in previous releases. Existing 1.x “Shortest” lacing settings will be mapped to “Auto” when the graph is loaded in Dynamo 2.0. The image below shows the difference between “Auto” and “Shortest” lacing.

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