Clockwork FamilyType.Duplicate doesn't create list of types

Hey guys!

I’m trying to create a list of types of one specific family, without inserting them into the project, just new types. I’ve tried using FamilyType.Duplicate from Clockwork, but it seems to work upredictably. Depending on if i feed it with a list of exsisting family types, or one it creates one or a couple of new duplicates, with correct new names (sometimes none) but it isn’t even close to creating the whole list. Any ideas?

Bonus question: How Can I make dynamo delete family types with names that are NOT on the list of created ones?

@LOESCH_PK Set the lacing on the FamilyType.Duplicate node to “Longest” and it will create the family types for the number of names you are supplying it


Many thanks awilliams! That did the trick! I really got to go threw a crash course of essential stuff like this…

Now I just need to find a way to delete any type that is not on this list. :smiley:

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