Family.Name and Element.Name return type names, not family names?

Hi, what am I missing here? These two older thread seem to have potential answers but the image is too small fro me to see on the first one and the FamilyInstance.Type node does not seem to work in my case like it does in the 2nd. thread.
I’m trying to create a list by family name, then type, then some parameters associated with those types. Thanks!

Hi Matthews,


Hi @matthewsclark ,

kulkul’s solution will work, and here’s another option :

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Thanks, see my original image, the familyinstance.type node does not work with Detail Items apparently. I tested it on other Categories and it works. Is this a bug or just how it is based on something about the Detail Item category?

Never mind, I was ignoring it because I was getting a yellow warning upon linking the nodes but it’s still outputting the list properly, I think I just have a bad family that is giving a null value and causing the warning - Thanks again!

Oh yeah sorry i did not see that. I did notice that it didnt work with some categories like walls… and detail items! I’m not sure why though. At least you have kulkul’s solution! :slight_smile:

Both of the methods above work. I was able to get rid of the warning by filtering out Filled Regions by Boolean Mask, which I don’t want in my lists anyway because they don’t have keynotes or specs associated with them.

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This got me sorted on the Boolean filter:

Something to watch out for is that some categories work and others do not is because some are systems(walls/floors/slabs) and not a family.


I don’t know if there is are other ways available now because this is giving me a warning.

Getting the parameter value of “Family and Type” works for most elements but not for Pipes.