Room and Tag Location - Definition not Loaded

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Your missing custom node anytime you need to know what package a node is from. try downloading package WhatTheNode.

Essentially you type in the node name as a search string and get results of the likely package.


Rhythm.WhatTheNode returns a null on my end. A simple Google search leads to better results. See:

Yeah. That node is a hit or miss as it relies on to be up to date.

@john_pierson - Out of curosity, how does it deal with name clashes?

it takes the first one :slight_smile:

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To find out packages that custom nodes are on, i just right click them and select “Custom node properties” this has the metadata with the package name.
If you never found the node, it was from Modelical packake

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@Archinecture, Yes, @Alisder_Brown is right. This node belongs to our package (MODELICAL). You can check it by right-clicking on the node, on the help tab as shown in the picture. I will try to have our package included on so that it also appears with the Rhythm.WhatTheNode.
I hope it’ll come in handy!