Rename Elevations per Room

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I had to install the most recent version of “Lunch Box for Dynamo” to work in version 1.3

It looks like you have changed some thing from the image. Where you have the yellow node warnings, you have disconnected the inputs into the “Manage.RemoveNulls” nodes. Make sure that the "BoundingBox.Byelements node is connected into them and it should work.

Let me know if it works

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Also, you are missing the “Archi-Lab - Grimshaw” package with the “Get all views” node

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I have same issue with renaming the elevations. Screenshots below. Appreciate if someone can help.

4.pdf (70.9 KB)
1.pdf (37.1 KB)
2.pdf (101.0 KB)
3.pdf (133.1 KB)


What version of Revit and Dynamo are you using? You may need to update the Lunchbox package to most recent if using dynamo 1.3
Can you confirm what data is being fed into the nodes that are failing? An what are the warnings?


Just a note, the bottom left of the definition filters only elevations which have NOT been placed on sheets. So if the elevations you are renaming have been placed on sheets it wont be working

Is there a way to name an elevation by the general direction that it is facing? For instance if it is facing N I would be able to append " - N" to the name?

I would be looking for the tag to read closest to N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW… Base on the direction it is pointing

You can use this workflow to get the nearest angle. Use a dictionary or similar method to convert that to N, NE, E, etc.

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thats great thank you

Hi Alisder_Brown,
I am new to Dynamo, i tried and tried to get this right and i cant seem to, can you please let me know what i am doing wrong ? if you see from my dropbox images #1 it looks like everyone else has a different “BoundingBox.ByElements”, and i cant find it? also i have yellow items too, pllleeeease help.