Create dependent views from scope boxes and assign view filters

Today I hosted a users group in my office to get some enthusiasm for Dynamo. My first request was to create a script to make dependent views and assign view filters. I seem to be able to create dependent views very easily but am struggling to then apply filters to the created dependent views. Sorry, as a new user I can not seem to upload my script or a screenshot or I would.


Imgur would work for a screenshot.

What dynamo version and Revit version are you using?

Did you check this post out yet?

I am using Revit 17.2 and Dynamo 1.3.1 Thanks for the tip about Imgur.
Today when I opened the script I got these red nodes for some reason when I went to get the screen capture.

As for the other thread, my user has their heart set on applying view filters instead of view templates. Does that make a difference?

A red warning means the node definition (file) can’t be found.

Archi-lab has a few nodes to help with creating and applying view filters.

Is there any way I can pass the dependent views created by the script to the Archi-lab node? I tried to pass the output of scope boxes to views into the Archi-lab view.addfilter but it didn’t work.

You would have to fix that node first. Have you tried loading the node into Dynamo again or redownloading the package?

Thank you, I was in the middle of updating Modelical which once updated worked like a charm. Than you Nick_Boyts very much.