List unused scope boxes

Hello all,

I’m trying to filter the scope boxes wich have not yet been applied.
I got a graph that creates dependent views for the existing scope boxes but want to be able to run the script after runnng it for a first time and added a new scope box…
When running the script twice now it won’t create the dependendt views because some allready exist :frowning:


Post a picture of what you already have or your dynamo file

If you’re using Python to create the dependent views you could use a try condition.
If you’re using nodes you’ll have to check against you’re current view list. I assume you’re renaming the views as well, so get your list of dependent vies that would be created for scope boxes and check that list against all your existing dependent views. Any views that exist in both lists can be removed so that you only create the new views.

Well… I’m sill a newbie when it comes to dynamo (like forever it seems :smiley )
After too many attempts to figure it out by myself II found a script in the modelical package that does the trick.
After some changes to an embedded node to match the french parameters (we use Revit with the french UI wich sometimes requieres further adaptations … ) I got this working as planned for the first creation.
I guess that could be tweaked by refering to actual parameters and not by name with a text string …

The magic happens in a custom node which can’t properly be grasped in a screenshot :frowning:


Maybe the graph itself can help ?

Thanx a lot for all your help :slight_smile: