Apply scope box to the different views


Is this possible to apply scope box to the different views by using Dynamo.
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Swapnil Raut

Hi, You can use the ScopBox Collector Node from the EthosMEP Package.

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Nice one Alessandro!

It would be really useful to be able script scope box placement however I understand this isn’t exposed yet in the Revit API :frowning:

Hi @Alessandro_Caligari,

I realize this post is over 3 years old - but I’d love to see the rest of the script that you posted a portion of above, if possible. Thanks!

2-DependentViewCreator.dyn (23.7 KB) Hi, The rest of the script is renaming the dependent views so that the view name contains the scope box name. I attached the dyn script.

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@Alessandro_Caligari Thank you very much for your help! Where would I find the custom nodes that are in that script? I tried searching online but am not finding them. There are several red ones - DateTime.Now Refreshable, View.isIndependent, and TimeTaken.