Missing Apply View Template Node - 1.2.1?

Is the “Apply View Template Node” still around in dynamo 1.2.1?

I see it listed online and used frequently but it’s not coming up in search and the existing .dyn I have it shows up as “Error: Custom node definition is not loaded!”. Am I missing something basic here? I also can’t seem to find the equivalent in a different package.

See in SteamNodes and in Modelical packages…

It’s still in Archi-lab package. Just get the latest one and search for view.SetViewTemplate

Thank @Konrad_K_Sobon! To follow up for anyone else who finds this, the archilab view.SetViewTemplate node replaces “Apply View Template” with the difference being that Apply View Template took a view template name whereas SetViewtTemplate takes a view template object. I modified the Get Level By Name node to become Get View By Name and tie everything back together.