Create clearance above cable tray

I am creating clearance above cable tray for coordination purpose.

I found a simple script from Dynamo Script:

How to optimize this script so when I hit run, the generated geometry can directly attach on the top of cable tray?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Hello and welcome…we cant see whats goin on in the image try to zoom in…here is a way there probably could work for sure not the same as the video (as i havent seen it )…good luck…

test clearance.dyn (33.2 KB)

and an exemple if you will import to revit, here i just use direcht shape…


thank you, it really works!

Hi sovitek I was trying to replicate your changes in the script but I haven’t had success, do you mind to share your script? thanks.

Hello @CarmeloBIM and welcome to the community. I just made is an exemple and have already shared it…whats exactly is the issue if you show a image i can try help…but just made a new topic…