Adaptive Component - identify rotation angle and rotate

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a script which will automatically create a clearance area (Adaptive Component family) on top of the Cable Trays but I encountered a problem at placing this clearance on vertical CT. The problem is that the clearance family has a strange rotation and it’s not always on top of the CT. I have attached pictures with my problem and also the dyn file.
Can you guys please guide me to solve this issue ? I would really apreciate your help! Thank you !

Clearance placement_WIP.dyn (65.8 KB)
Clearance Family.rfa (436 KB)

make the family double nested so you can rotate it
Pyramyd with Repeaters on Diagonals.rfa (940 KB)

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Hi Marcel, thank you for your reply, but I am not sure I got you here, can you please explain to me a bit what you meant ?

Nest your adaptive family in another adaptive family.
When you start your adaptive family, place one point and make it adaptive, click the point and see the rotation angle parameter. Place your already created adaptive family on this point and lock it.
Now you can rotate it. If needed nest it again for rotation in another direction (Z)
Make sure the family is shared so you can access nested families with Dynamo.
(This applies to one-point adaptives)
Use Element.Location and Line.Direction to get the Cable trays direction and match.


Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately my adaptive familes have 2 or 3 adaptive points.
Anyone else who can help me with some advice ?

Thank you ! Kind regards !

Hi guys,

Is there any way I can rotate the Adaptive Component family before or after I place it in the model ?

Thank you !

I can not open the family to look inside it, but its important to know how may placement points there are in it.

The adaptive family I am using in this case has two adaptive points, but you mentioned above that the worklow you sugested is working only for families with one adaptive point, so I think it;s not helping me.

Thank you !

You can follow @Marcel_Rijsmus workflow whatever the number of points it’s only parameters issue.

Adaptive one point … one rotation parameter
Adaptive Two points … Two rotation parameters and so on…

Sure I’m talking only about in plane rotation if you need other rotation like XZ or YZ parameters will be duplicated.

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Did you ever figure out a solution for this problem? I’m working on a very similar situation where my 2-point adaptive components are placing in the wrong orientation when they are placed vertically. Thanks!

Hi @athompsonMCS8M
Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to further invetigate this issue. please let me know if you find a way to place the adaptive components with the right rotation.