Attempting to make a Clearance zone around "MEP Fabrication Containment"

I am attempting to add a clearance zone to MEP fabrication Containment parts. My thought is that I can get the dimensions of all those elements and create a solid out of them. Then have nodes to alter specific dimensions from there. Can anyone help me in setting this up?

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Hi @T.Sorrell ,

What kind of objects are these MEP fabrication Containment parts?
And are they curves, solids, surfaces?

Could you perhaps send a sample file with some of these parts?

Thank you,
Project1.rvt (5.89 MB)

They are ITM families so I am not sure of what they are

I see, using Element.Geometry I have only been able to get Meshes, other nodes such as Element.Curves don’t seem to work. I have some ideas though let me try some other stuff

Im excited to hear back! Thanks!

Anything that will create something to represent a clearance zone would work as well. Solids, Mesh, Direct Shape, etc.

Hi Travis,

Using the Out of the box nodes have I been able to get some Dynamo geometry using the Mesh.VertexPositions node, however from there I don’t really know a good way to get the curves/ solids or anything that would represent the, lets say, outer bounds of the conduit.

On straight, world-axis aligned parts you could use boundingboxes after getting the points, but this method fails when you have a curved/ T-shaped part or if the conduit is not world aligned.

Would this be easier if it was with sytem families cable tray?

It would probably be possible if we can somehow get our hands on the curve that defines the conduit, but I couldn’t get that in this case. It is probably possible to get those curves, but I don’t know how.

Perhaps using a cable tray family might work, what elements do you get using the element.geometry node then?

What do you mean by Elements?

The object types, are they still meshes? Or now arcs, lines, etc.?

That is all the options i see under elements.

Could you send a file with a cable tray instead?

I emailed it since the file was too big

#3 Cable Tray Clearance Zone.dyn (16.8 KB)

That is the current script i am working with

Where to?

Hi @T.Sorrell ,

If you change to Cable Trays you can easily extract solids, from where you can then create an offset:

2023-05-11 Create clearance zone around Cable Trays.dyn (12.6 KB)

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How do I get that to show up in the revot model though? in the appropriaate place? I would assume the best course of actio being to place it at the center of the cable tray. Then looking for the cable trays current dimensons to offset from

The Solids are already in the right position, you could export them as Masses or Generic Models, I don’t know which types of Revit elements are normally used for Clearance Zones.