Create Bulleted paragraph/list with OOTB nodes

I know we can bring in excel data and populate a key schedule. Is it possible to do something similar with a bulleted/numbered text list? In other words, all the data will be loaded into one large text box as opposed to a schedule.



How about a multine text parameter?

The out of the box TextNote.ByLocaiton node will do here.

If your excel data has the bullets in it instead of applied as formatting, you’re good to go. Just be sure to use a String.Join node to get a single line of text from the list of values - use a newline character ("\n" in a code blokc or hit enter in a string node) as the separator.

Is it possible to make it a numbered or lettered list?

It will take whatever data you give it and turn it into the text… so if your excel file is two columns, one with the ‘prefix’ value of a bullet, a number, or a letter, and the other with what you want to say, you can use a pair of String.Join nodes - the first to merge the prefix with the statement, and the second to merge the columns into lines of text.

Thanks—I figured I could do that, but was curious if Dynamo could create the numbered or lettered lists available in the text tools so that—if one field was removed—it would automatically update.

Ah! I recall that is doable, but it requires more direct api ties than the OOTB nodes allow - you’d need to step into Python or custom nodes.