Formatting Lots of Text into Columns Using Dynamo

Hello Everyone!

I’m just now starting to get into Dynamo and Visual Programming (programming in general), and I’ve been given a task for a Revit project with lots of text. I think everyone using Revit knows the quality of Text Notes, they’re only slightly better than the text boxes in MS Paint!

Basically, I need to take a large amount of text, one or two boxes (Character limits :anger:), and convert them into a sequence of text boxes to fill a page! I’m essentially recreating column formatting from Word, and I’m aware there’s an add-in for Revit that allows you to directly link Word Documents into a Revit Project. However, I think chasing this will give me a great reason to dive into programming, even if it ends up getting complex. At the least I’ve learned something.

I’m going to be taking a look at some documents covering Dynamo and get into the groove of things, but any experience or tips is greatly welcomed! I need it! Thanks!

Why not use a key schedule instead?

Thanks for the reply!

Basically, the goal is to have text that keeps the format after removing sections here throughout setting up notes and specs. A key schedule would sorta work but I think we’re just trying to find a solution that requires as little time put into editing and shifting around text. The text is going to have italics, bold, etc, and that would require a heading cell in the Schedule, so every section is then broken down into a heading and the body. It could certainly work, but be more time consuming and a pain to format in the key schedule view than something automated.

Definitely an option though! But then I wouldn’t get to dive into Dynamo nearly as much!

I never use text notes. I use tags. Way more BIM.
Update 1, they all update. You don’t have to spend hours cross referencing.

If you do need to manipulate some text… Write down the steps you think you need:

  • Select Revit text
  • do xxx to it…
  • place at point xyz
    etc etc…
    So you need to work out exactly what you want and how you’re going to go about it.

But yeah… don’t use text notes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a great point!

My Revit experience has been mostly locked up in the modeling side, not much on sheets and managing text, so I figured there’s some things I’d find out to work around how bad the text notes are. I’ll give labels a shot as well, I think I’ve got a general process outlined for how I want the script to work, I just need to dig into Dynamo nodes and see how to get it going