Convert list from excel into text data in drafting view

Let me preface everything with, I am new to Dynamo and coding in general.
I am trying to convert data in excel to text in revit. I can read the excel file and have narrowed the info down into two separate lists. I need these two lists to be inserted into a drafting view similar to the image attached. I believe I need the list changed into a string, but I still need it to read vertical in the text box in revit so it will need “returns” in it?
Thanks in advance for any knowledge thrown this way.

Noobs can only post one pic at a time. This is what I am looking for in the drafting view.

I added the string from object node, and it does what I’m asking, but places all the info in separate text boxes. Is there a way to get it in one vertical text box?

All the intelligence on this website and no one knows the answer or is willing to point me in the right direction?
I thought Revit forums were bad…

If I understood what you want, you can create two Shared Parameters, set them for the elements desireds (roof, wall, etc.), create a schedule with both parameters, drag and drop this schedule on a sheet and then use Element.SetParameterByName node to apply the values to the elements. Will look likes the printscreen.


Thank you for the help thus far. I am realizing how much I do not know about coding in general.
I have gotten the text to show in the desired view, but now I have two other issues. First, the text output from dynamo is individual text boxes. I would like it to be one multi-line text box. Second, I am trying to set the text type. The Element.SetParameterByName seems like the node I want but I am struggling to get the results needed. By default the text appears as 1/8_Arial, but I would like for it to be 3/32_Arial_Trans. (See previous post for the excel file I am using.)

Sorry I never posted the excel file. Here it is.
CC Hip 7-12 2016 base.xlsx (15.3 KB)