Adding elements to schedules

Hello everyone !

I’m quite new on revit and on dynamo and i have to use it for my internship.
And so I have to create a dynamo plugin to automatically complete a revit sheet list by importing on revit an excel sheet list.
for example, the excel document is a part of the sheet list i exported from revit to excel. Now the user can add new rows to the excel and, using dynamo, i want to add those rows to the excel but i can’t figure out how i can add rows and not columns(all i say was nodes to add new columns to a schedule and not an entire row).

Does someone have a clue of how i can make it work ?
Thank you in advance !

PS : i don’t know whether or not i’m being clear in my question so sorry in advance !

Hi @steven.aboudiwan and welcome to the forum,
Can you show your graph? :slight_smile:

Hello CVestesen ! thank you for your reply !

here is the sheet list on revit

and with this i get the new lines written on excel

i’m not sure whether or not it’s what you wanted to see though

Hi again, I’m not sure what are trying to achive, sorry :slight_smile:

It’s relatively simple. You can start by reading this:

It’s a little old so don’t copy it exactly. Read if for reference to understand the process.

There are couple of steps involved but this is the gist of it:

  • get a list of sheets from excel - I am using a package called Bumblebee for reading excel.
  • split up data into list of Sheet Numbers, Sheet Names, and then any additional parameters.
  • use sheet number and name lists to create placeholder sheets
  • use regular set parameter by name nodes to set any additional parameters.

Here’s an image:

Here’s the definition:

_placeholderSheetsFromExcel_01.dyn (62.9 KB)

Good luck!

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Hi Konrad ! Thank you for your reply !
i now understand how you create a sheet with excel and dynamo but what i’m actually trying to do, to make it simple, is adding rows to a schedule containing a list of the sheets on the project
So first i want the dynamo plugin to create the row just like we can do it manually :

And then fill the line :

i spent 2 weeks working on that, trying to find information about that on internet, trying to find nodes that can help me work on schedule but the best i could find is how to get all the data of a schedule to export it to excel.

so if you have any idea of how i can make it work i would gladly accept it :slight_smile:

OK, I understand that you are new to Revit, so let’s get something out of the way right away.

Revit is not AutoCAD and schedules are not Excel tables. What do I mean by that?

You can’t just add/remove rows in a typical Revit schedule. Notice how I said, typical, because there are some exceptions, but let’s leave that for now. Typical Revit schedule like the one you need (drawing list), is a tabular representation of the contents in your Revit model. Let that sink in for a second. Schedules normally only list elements that actually exist in the model. So if you are scheduling Sheets, and you want to add one more row, you actually have to add one more Sheet to the model (View>New Sheet > Placeholder/Regular). Makes sense?

That’s why I have given you an example of how to create Sheets on a fly from Excel list. That will create Placeholder Sheets in Revit (elements in the model), and your schedule will be able to show them as rows.

Good luck!

Ps. I can’t read French, but I am guessing you are highlighting in that image “Add Row” functionality. That’s the exception from the typical schedules, but that only works for Key Schedules if I remember correctly. Frankly, at this stage of your Revit immersion, you don’t need to know about Key Schedules. Learn the basics first.

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Thank you very much Konrad for your explainings !
it’s true that i’m very new to REVIT so there are many things i don’t know.

Again thank you !