Create Annotation Tag Issue

Hello everybody,

I have an issue in create annotation tag from Archilab package. It shows error in line 130 in python script in the custom node. Please, can anybody help spot the problem?

Special Walls.dyn (35.9 KB)

Thanks a lot,

The last line in the error report explains the issue. Your list of elements to be tagged is a list of Dynamo lines. You need to supply the Revit elements.

Thanks, that was right. do you know which node tot use in order to convert from line back to element ?

I could be more helpful if you showed the rest of your graph so we can determine the best way to manage your data.

It’s not. Zoom in so that all text is legible then use Export Workspace as Image button (little camera icon) in the top right corner.

Use the Export Workspace as Image button so that we can see everything in one continuous image. Otherwise it gets hard to follow.

The nodes are illegible now. You need to zoom in so that the nodes are legible. Don’t worry about getting everything to fit on your screen. The export as image button will export the whole graph, not just what’s visible.