Create Annotation Tag - Issue with the amount of tags


Im hoping someone can help me with this annotation node,
@Konrad_K_Sobon @awilliams @Kulkul

I have read through countless threads and guides on this custom node, but cant figure out where i am going wrong.

I have 3 floors with 5 spaces in on each.

the only way i can get it work is as the image below.

this gives me the what i want, a tag on each room on each floor.

but it seems to create too many tags 3 floors X 5 Spaces should be 15 tags. I get 45.

I think its tagging all 15 spaces in each floor but i can only see 5 per floor. I cannot find these extra tags anywhere to even delete them.

Does anyone know why i’m getting the extra tags? and how i can get it to give me the correct amount?

I’ve tried all sorts of different ways to try and get it right. cycling the lists, repeating the lists and different @level settings

Im thinking i need to sort the elements by the level they are on, then cycle the views to match the numbers but i cant fiqure out how.

Any help would be appreciated!


tag test.dyn (26.0 KB)
Project-tag.rvt (1.6 MB)

I guess internally it becomes like:
Level1: 15 points + 15 spaces = 15 tags
Level2: 15 points + 15 spaces = 15 tags
Level3: 15 points + 15 spaces = 15 tags

You can try propagating Level to 15 as well. Maybe retrieve levels from the Space. Then see if there’s extra tags anymore.

It’s a problem with your view inputs. You have 3 views and 15 points and you are using list at level. Either:

  • duplicate the views so that they match the points and turn off list at level; or
  • split the points into sublist using something like ‘chop’

yes, views not levels.

Ok great thanks for your help guys, im getting somewhere now and understanding why!

I went with duplicating the Views to match the point/ spaces. then sorted the views in order which matches the spaces. and this works.( i want to avoid using the at levels).

This was my problem earlier, as i had space 1/2/3/4/5 but views at level 0/1/2/0/1

so only spaces 1 & 4 would tag on the level 0 plan.

to get the views to the correct number i just repeated them by 5. which obviously wont work with a different number of spaces or levels.

So i’ve changed it slightly now so i have 19 spaces that differ in number per floor and the order they were created.

Is there a way i can duplicate the list of views to match the number of Spaces/ Points?


Got it now, figured it out. thanks for your input guys!

didn’t think to add lacing to the count nodes…

grouped the spaces by levels, points from that.

then duplicated the views on the count with lacing. :+1:


Your thread is helping me alot, so thanks for that. Question - Why are you dividing all the points by 304.8? Is there some internal location issue that is off in the arch model?


It’s likely a feet to meters conversion.

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Yes, its just converting to metric.

Im now trying to go down a different route of trying to use scope boxes.

so each level has 4 scope boxes and this has got me confused again.

im thinking it would work the same way if i can sort the spaces by the scope box they are in…

has anyone got any suggestions on how i could do that?

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Are your views dependent views?
That could explain it

No they are not, i did originally have them as dependents but this was causing issues for me getting the views to center on the sheets properly.

im looking into trying to group the spaces by scope boxes… so in theory it should work the same way as grouping the spaces by level…hopefully! :roll_eyes:

I got mine to work well last week. The older ‘Create Annotation Tag’ node does not work, you have to use the new one in GeniusLoci package. Also I used the “Has Location” boolean in a filter mask to make sure that any non placed rooms in the Linked model is no longer in the list otherwise it throws off the locations.

Hope this help you as well!

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